Solutions that Meet Your Specifications

Blanks & Preforms

H.B. Carbide is an industry leader in top-quality tungsten carbide rod, blanks and preforms. We use high-quality materials and high-tech computer-controlled vacuum furnaces to produce a variety of cemented carbide preforms for many specialized applications. These custom and altered standard carbide blanks provide consistency, reliability and advanced capabilities for your most demanding applications.

Our expertise enables us to produce carbide preforms in just about any shape you require in a wide range of hardness and density. These preforms, which are near the final cutting tool shape, allow for major portions of carbide to be removed while still in the green state. Compared to the hard state, drilling of coolant holes, pre-fluting, and grinding different diameters are accomplished in a fraction of the time. We leave a minimal amount of grind stock, which saves you grinding wheel life and increases machine capacity.

Drill & Reamer Blanks

We provide drill and reamer blanks using a variety of carbide grades.

Wear & Impact

Our specialists assist you with everything from grade selection to preform design.

Round Rods

H.B. Carbide has a wide variety of round rod preforms.

Flow Control

Flow control blanks can be manufactured for your specific requirements.

Value Added Grinding

H.B. Carbide can offer centerless and between center OD grinding.

Gundrill Blanks

H.B. Carbide offers a complete line of deep hole drills and gundrills.

Flat Blanks

Flat blanks are custom manufactured to your specifications.

Special Features

We can supply specially extruded blanks with additional features.

Let our experienced specialists assist you in achieving optimized solutions.