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Increasing Productivity Through Carbide Blanks & Preforms

H.B. Carbide, Lewiston, Mich., a global leader in the blank tooling industry, was established in 1983 with the mission to deliver a superior customer experience with industry-leading custom and altered standard carbide blanks that provide consistency, reliability and advanced capabilities for your most demanding applications. 

H.B. Carbide is a fully integrated manufacturer, starting from powder production through finished ground blank.  We offer a comprehensive selection of grades to deliver high-performance, reliable near-net shaped blanks that address specialized customer application challenges across diverse industries.

  • Consistent quality and reliable service for nearly 40 years
  • USA-manufactured products from raw material to finished ground blank
  • Professional, knowledgeable, and experienced specialists prepared and committed to support and assist you in your decision-making process to achieve optimized solutions, from grade selection to preform blank design

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When you work with HB Carbide, you can count on:

  • 24-hour (or less) quote turnaround
  • Aggressive lead times
  • Personalized attention to your orders
  • Efficient, courteous service personnel
  • High-performance blanks with minimal grind stock
  • Technical support with grade and preform design
  • Blanket order options
  • Dedication to continuous quality improvements

Vertical Integration

Better quality control and delivery times

H.B. Carbide is a vertically integrated company that handles every facet of carbide production starting from highest quality raw materials —  procured from long-established, reliable suppliers — to the production of the final finished ground blanks. We keep a sharp eye on quality throughout the process while meeting aggressive delivery times.

Powder Production

Tungsten carbide powder, cobalt and carbon are milled to create a homogenous material mix.

Powder Approval

The carbide blend is evaluated for powder characteristics and hardness in our Test & Inspection Lab to ensure it meets the standards of each particular grade.


Used for the majority of the forms we produce, this approach is for diameters of 1” and larger. Powder is loaded into cans with rubber boots, sealed and then placed in an iso-static press using water pressure to push the powder together. The iso-press compacted bar is processed through a vacuum pre-sinter furnace cycle to semi-harden the material and allow it to be handled.


This approach is used to produce more near-net shapes from 0.050″ – .75″. It relies on a carbide powder binder system to create a pliable material, which is loaded into a press and pushed through a die to create various shapes that are then dried and pre-sintered.


Blanks and preforms outer diameters are completed on both CNC and manual machines. Coolant holes and flutes are completed on CNC machines.


The blanks and preforms are placed in a furnace that combines vacuum sintering and hot isostatic pressing to stabilize and densify the material. During this process, the forms shrink about 20% in size.

Value Add Services

For customers who need it, we can add centerless and between center grinding to the process.

Final Inspection

After sintering, forms and blanks run through non-destructive tests to determine indirect grain distribution assessment, cobalt content, density and powder flow ability, as well as destructive tests that evaluate micro-porosity and hardness. Plus, there is dimensional inspection of every component.

Let our experienced specialists assist you in achieving optimized solutions.