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Carbide Grade Selection

H.B. Carbide Grade Selector

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Grade selection is crucial to meeting today’s strict quality requirements and technical challenges, while maximizing productivity. Use our Grade Selection Tool to find a match for your project needs.

wdt_IDHB Carbide GradeIndustryCo (%)Grain StructureISO CodeUS Industry DesignationApplicationWC (%)Density (g/cm3)Avg Grain Size (Micron)Hardness Rockwell A (HRA)Sinter HIP TRS (psi)Wear & Toughness Scale
1HB-2Metal Cutting, Energy6MediumK20-K30C2Show Details9414.91.592.20530,0002
2HB-3Metal Cutting, Energy6SubmicronK05-K10C3Show Details9414.90.893.00520,0001
3HB-110Metal Cutting, Energy, Wear & Die10SubmicronK30-K40C2, C10Show Details9014.50.891.70550,0005
4HB-115Metal Cutting, Energy, Wear & Die, Defense15SubmicronK40C12Show Details8514.00.890.00610,0007
5HB-212Metal Cutting, Energy12MediumK40C1 or C10Show Details8814.281.590.20377,0007
6HB-312Wear & Die, Defense12CoarseNo K DesignationC10Show Details8814.33488.70490,0008
7HB-315Wear & Die, Defense15CoarseNo K DesignationC12Show Details8514.03487.40470,0009
8HB-320Wear & Die, Defense20CoarseNo K DesignationC13Show Details8013.56485.40455,00010
9HB-325Wear & Die25CoarseNo K DesignationC14Show Details7513.18483.30430,00012
10HB-406Metal Cutting, Defense6BimodalK20C2 or C9Show Details9414.9Mixed92.30334,0003
IndustryCo (%)Grain StructureISO CodeUS Industry DesignationHardness Rockwell A (HRA)Sinter HIP TRS (psi)

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