Carbide Grade Selection

Grade HB-3

A Submicron Grade Carbide

Designed for use in abrasive machining and wear parts.

Classified as an ISO K10 grade, HB3 is a fine-grained, high-strength and wear-resistant carbide grade. It has a 6% cobalt binder and a 93 HRA hardness, making it an ideal material choice for cutting tools that will be used in abrasive machining applications. It is especially well-suited for machining of non-ferrous materials such as aluminum alloys, graphite, fiber-reinforced materials and composites. It can be applied for use in drills and reamers, form tools, end mills, and other solid carbide cutters.

Additionally, the high hardness and high wear resistance of this grade also provides excellent performance for use in wear parts applications, such as drawing tools and industrial-grade nozzles.

Given the extremely homogenous microstructure and uniform grain distribution, HB-3 offers consistently superior coating adhesion. This makes it an excellent substrate for toolmakers who will be applying diamond coating to their tools, especially those used for composite routing and drilling.


Wide range of material applications

  • Mild steels, stainless, aluminum, graphite, fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP, GFRP) and other composites

Exceptional process reliability

Extreme hardness and wear-resistance, well suited for abrasive and wear applications

  • Reamers, drills, form tools, end mills and other carbide tools
  • Drawing tools, industrial grade nozzles, and more

Excellent grade for coated tools due to superior adhesion

Comparison of Adhesion with Other Carbide Grades


Co (%): 6
Composition: Tungsten Carbide, WC: 94.0 ± 0.3%
Cobalt, Co: 6.0 ± 0.3%
Grain Structure: Submicron
Microstructure Grain Size:
(ASTM B-390)
0.8 μm
ISO Code: K05-K10
US Industry Designation: C3
WC (%): 94
Density (g/cm3):
(ASTM B-311)
14.90 ± 0.05
Avg Grain Size (Micron): 0.8
Hardness Rockwell A (HRA):
(ASTM B-294)
93.0 ± 0.5
Transverse Rupture Strength:
(ASTM B-406)
520,000 PSI
Apparent Porosity:
(ASTM B-276)
<A02, B00, C00
Sinter HIP TRS (psi): 520,000
Wear & Toughness Scale:

Manufactured in preforms, altered and standard blanks designs.

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