Carbide Grade Selection

Grade HB-3

A Submicron Grade Carbide

Designed for Use in Wear Components and Cutting Tools for Abrasive Machining Applications

HB-3 is a go-to material for a wide range of wear parts and demanding machining applications. With a 6% cobalt binder and hardness of 93 HRA, this submicron, C2 grade is an ideal choice for cutting tools where an up-sharp edge is required. These include drills and reamers, form tools, end mills, and other solid carbide cutters for stainless steels, polymers, graphite, and carbon fiber composites, as well as non-ferrous alloys like aluminum and copper.

With an extremely homogenous microstructure and uniform grain distribution, HB-3 also an excellent substrate for CVD diamond coatings, which further enhance edge longevity while allowing for increased cutting speeds. Additionally, it provides unmatched performance for wear parts like sand blasting nozzles and wire guides.


  • Extreme hardness and wear resistance
  • Exceptional process reliability
  • Ideal for cutting tools where a sharp edge is needed
  • Superior adhesion—a first choice for CVD diamond coatings
  • Designed for finish machining of stainless steel, graphite, carbon fiber, ceramics, non—ferrous metals such as aluminum, and more
  • Wear applications include sand blasting and other non-impact components

Comparison of Adhesion with Other Carbide Grades


Co (%): 6
Grain Structure: Submicron
ISO Code: K05-K10
US Industry Designation: C3
WC (%): 94
Density (g/cm3): 14.9
Avg Grain Size (Micron): 0.8
Hardness Rockwell A (HRA): 93.00
Sinter HIP TRS (psi): 520,000
Wear & Toughness Scale:

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