H.B. Carbide Named Supplier of the Year by Raven Carbide Die

H.B. Carbide, a provider of carbide blanks and pre-forms, has been named 2023 Supplier of the Year by Raven Carbide Die, New Boston, Michigan. This is in recognition of H.B.’s customer service and consistent on-time delivery of high-quality pre-forms, which has played a significant role in Raven Carbide Die’s operations and success.

“This recognition means a lot to the entire H.B. Carbide team,” said Jon Wyniemko, H.B. Carbide global sales director. “It is truly rewarding to know that our efforts pay off in helping our customers achieve and exceed their goals.”

“H.B. Carbide’s role as a collaborating partner has been a key factor in enhancing our competitiveness and allowing us to manufacturer premium carbide dies and tooling, as well as helping us better serve our customers,” said Dan Raven, owner of Raven Carbide Die. “In light of this achievement, we look forward to further strengthening our partnership.”

H.B. Carbide has partnered with Raven Carbide Die since 2017, supplying the company with carbide die blanks used in the design and manufacture of cold forming dies, stamping dies and extrusion dies.

From Left to Right: Terry Raven (Owner), Jared Bielby, (Product Specialist) Dan Raven (Owner), Renee Raven.

RCD was founded in 2010 by Terry Raven, specializing in precision carbide dies for cold heading, cold forming and impact extruding applications. It offers dies made to any carbide grade and partners with customers to help in choosing a grade that provides the most efficiency for each application.  Its commitment to customers is to supply long-lasting dies and highly competitive rates. www.ravencarbidedie.com

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